Written by Cat Kerridge
SALT Theatre
Southwark Playhouse | 2014

Flustered at the Southwark Playhouse 2014 | SALT theatre 'Write at the Heart'

Write at the Heart: 1 was the launch event for SALT, a theatre company interested in the connection between stories of the past, and those of the present. King Lear was chosen as the springboard classic, with 6 different writers, directors and creative teams staging an evening of fresh work at the Southwark Playhouse.

Also featured: Bad Joke by Joseph Wilde, Broken Meats by Jodi Gray, Elephant and my Castle by Phoebe Eclair Powell, Pelican by Sam Grabiner and Selkie by Maud Dromgoole.

SALT are Liana Weafer, Maggie Ann Bain & Emma Deegan


Directed by Alex Crampton
Performed by Barry McCarthy, Gillian Kirkpatrick & Sophie Steer


“Lear … surfaced in Catriona Kerridge’s painfully sidesplitting “Flustered” as an elderly father, jet-setting and drug-smuggling in the throws of dementia. He tried to learn Welsh and catch an international flight, wandered naked into the hall after mistaking it for the bathroom, and roated a chicken stuffed with £10k of cocaine (surely these are the surreal, modern-day equivalents of wandering the heath decked in flowers with a fool during an thunder storm). Most of this lunacy was offstage, recounted by one daughter to the other. These stories were hilarious but bruising: parental decay became an accusation and filial duty and old favouritism were weaponised in a struggle over caregiving.”


© Photos by Lester Barnes