The Trial

After Franz Kafka
Adapted by RETZ (now RIFT)
Shoreditch Town Hall, Rose Lipman Building, Barbican | 2013

The Trial by RETZ, Shoreditch Town Hall & Rose Lipman Building, 2013 | Photos by Camilla Greenwell


Adaptation by Alex Crampton, Felix Mortimar & Josh Nawras
Dramaturgy by Alex Crampton

Through East London’s nooks and crannies, The Trial is a version of Kafka’s seminal work spread across Hoxton. The audience follow Joseph K as he searches for the reason why he’s been arrested and discovers a sinister fate.


“RETZ’s creation of a near-constant high level of anxiety in surveillance heavy London is a masterstroke and would surely pass muster with Kafka himself.”


© Photos by Camilla Greenwell